My Top 5 Reads…..So Far!

On the lounge with a book, is where you will find me if you look!

That is of course providing I am not working, blogging, cleaning, cooking or being a superhuman single mum!

Since I was a little girl, I have always had a passion for reading. Some of my most prized possessions were books that got dog eared and delapedated from over use. Enid Blighton’s ‘Far Away Tree’ was read over and over again. Then it was two books on caring for and riding horses. I devoured every piece of information in these books as we were living in a resort in Fiji where I was able to ride everyday, but had no idea how to when we first got there, so determined to learn, I read and practiced until I could gallop down the beach terrorising the house guests, such fun!


This is what my bedside table often looks like, a huge pile of reading awaiting perusal!

Before children, I would often enjoy reading novels in my spare time (because I actually had some) and I remember one day, when my ex was at work, housework was done, so I sat down to do a ‘little’ reading. I read and read, for the entire day, from front to back, and did not move until it was finished. I even forgot to eat. It’s one of those power plays between the rich and poor and I just loved – A Dangerous Fortune by Ken Follet

In recent years, when I do have time to sit down and read, it’s not often that I pick up novels. I love to learn, and prefer to read non-fiction, so I can increase my knowledge and find more interesting things to share on the blog.

I did read the entire Harry Potter series, as I was truly captivated by the clever mind of JK Rowling. Her imagination spun an awesome tale that I did not want to end. They are a must read for everyone.

On my mothers insistance, I did read the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo trilogy by Steig Larsson, who sure keeps you guessing. These books broke the normal rule of the first one being fabulous and the following ones being a little so-so. I honestly thought they got better with each one. Unfortunately he has passed away, so there will be no more super suspense thrillers for me to enjoy.

After a very checkered past with money, I knew I had to make some big changes to how I felt about finance if I was not going to let history repeat itself for the rest of my life. Fortunately I found the most amazing book and author, Aussie Sandy Forster who went from welfare to millionaire and shares her collection of tips and tricks for changing your consciousness from poverty to prosperity. I have learned so much from this book it is one of my favourite go to’s when I am slipping back into lack mentality at any time. An absolute must read if prosperity is one of your priorities – ‘How To Be Wildly Wealthy Fast’ is powerful stuff.

Finally my favourite book at the moment, that I just can’t put down, is The Magic by Rhonda Byrne. The power of gratitude is becoming more and more evident. We are all so good at grumbling and complaining at everything that is not working out right, that we simply keep getting more of the same. This book is a follow on from The Secret, and is an entire book dedicated to the power of being grateful and practical ways you can put it into action. This book is on my bedside table and is not going anywhere for the moment……Just love it!

I wonder what my next favourite discovery is going to be?

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Thanks For My Addiction To……Reading!

If my laptop is not on my lap, I have a book or magazine in my hands!

For as long as I can remember I have been addicted to reading, even as I child I always had a passion for reading and can not tell you how many times I read ‘The Faraway Tree’ by Enid Blighton. The amazing fantasy world she created just did it for me.

If I could I would subscribe to just about every magazine that makes it’s way on the the shelves. I love the thick glossy paper, alluring photo’s, snipits of information, glorious recipies, amazing clothes, devine hand-bags, or beautiful rooms. When I have a few minutes to spare I just open a magazine.

BUT like all addictions, they come at a cost! Books and magazines are expensive little monsters to buy if you enjoy them at the rate I do. Thankfully, only 5 minutes from home is my saving grace……the local library!

When ever I enter the doors, I leave with just as many books and magazines as I return.

I very rarely read novels, I have a never ending desire to learn, so I am more the self-help guide, recipe, craft kinda gal….I loved the ‘Harry Potter’ series and the ‘Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’ collection, but that about as far as my novel reading has progressed over the last few years.


Yesterday’s visit to the library saw me bring home a haul not to dissimilar from this pile.

I got 12 magazines, of which 5 of them are March ’13 editions, and some a few older. It does help if you know what days your favourite magazines are released, as I often visit the library the following day, so the brand new ones are there for you to read (but you are not allowed to borrow) and the previous months hit the shelves for borrowing. Sometimes I get it just right!

If I hear about a book that someone else has suggested as an excellent read, I go straight to the library website and see if it is available, if not I put a hold on it, and they send me an email to let me know it is ready for collection for the pricely sum of 60 cents, absolute bargain.

When I borrow a book that I fall in love with and MUST own, I head straight to Ebay and I can almost always score a copy at much less that normal retail, and about a week later I am the proud owner of that book, yay!

When the girls were younger, the library was a god-send, we would borrow so many wonderful books for them to consume and as their tastes changed and matured, we had access to them, without having a huge collection that no-one was ever going to read again in our house.

I just love the library and feel it is one of the best services the council offer, don’t know what I would do without it!

Do you use a local library to provide an infinite source of reading pleasure, and what is the best thing you have read of late that I can add to my list?

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