Thanks For My Addiction To……Reading!

If my laptop is not on my lap, I have a book or magazine in my hands!

For as long as I can remember I have been addicted to reading, even as I child I always had a passion for reading and can not tell you how many times I read ‘The Faraway Tree’ by Enid Blighton. The amazing fantasy world she created just did it for me.

If I could I would subscribe to just about every magazine that makes it’s way on the the shelves. I love the thick glossy paper, alluring photo’s, snipits of information, glorious recipies, amazing clothes, devine hand-bags, or beautiful rooms. When I have a few minutes to spare I just open a magazine.

BUT like all addictions, they come at a cost! Books and magazines are expensive little monsters to buy if you enjoy them at the rate I do. Thankfully, only 5 minutes from home is my saving grace……the local library!

When ever I enter the doors, I leave with just as many books and magazines as I return.

I very rarely read novels, I have a never ending desire to learn, so I am more the self-help guide, recipe, craft kinda gal….I loved the ‘Harry Potter’ series and the ‘Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’ collection, but that about as far as my novel reading has progressed over the last few years.


Yesterday’s visit to the library saw me bring home a haul not to dissimilar from this pile.

I got 12 magazines, of which 5 of them are March ’13 editions, and some a few older. It does help if you know what days your favourite magazines are released, as I often visit the library the following day, so the brand new ones are there for you to read (but you are not allowed to borrow) and the previous months hit the shelves for borrowing. Sometimes I get it just right!

If I hear about a book that someone else has suggested as an excellent read, I go straight to the library website and see if it is available, if not I put a hold on it, and they send me an email to let me know it is ready for collection for the pricely sum of 60 cents, absolute bargain.

When I borrow a book that I fall in love with and MUST own, I head straight to Ebay and I can almost always score a copy at much less that normal retail, and about a week later I am the proud owner of that book, yay!

When the girls were younger, the library was a god-send, we would borrow so many wonderful books for them to consume and as their tastes changed and matured, we had access to them, without having a huge collection that no-one was ever going to read again in our house.

I just love the library and feel it is one of the best services the council offer, don’t know what I would do without it!

Do you use a local library to provide an infinite source of reading pleasure, and what is the best thing you have read of late that I can add to my list?

Sharing today for Thankful Thursday at Six By The Bay

Author Blog Challenge – Day 3 – Inspiration And Awe!


Our prompts for the day, made this post an easy one! I have a few absolute favourites that spring to mind instantly and I am happy to share!

Who are the writers you most admire?

As a child the only books I truly remember being in love with were the FarAway Tree collection by Enid Blyton. I loved reading when I was young and read a lot, but these kept me captivated and I read them over and over again. An absolute must read for any child today!

I am one of the millions of Harry Potter fans from around the world, who enjoyed every book that JK Rowling created, and watched every movie on release date, pure magic! Every page kept me waiting for the next, and at the end of each book, I could not wait for the release of the next addition!

I don’t often read novels, I tend to prefer non-fiction most of the time, but fortunately my mum managed to convince me to read the Millenium Trilogy by Stieg Larsson. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo had me hooked from the beginning and each book just got better and better. Still behind in watching the movies, but the Swedish version was on SBS a little while back and did enjoy watching that.


The one author that inspired, motivated, gave me the courage and made me take the first step and pick up a pen and write my first book was Sandy Forster from Wildly Wealthy. A fellow Aussie who only lives and hour and half from me in beautiful Queensland, whose ‘story’ mirrored mine so much, has created a multi-million dollar business from scratch on the back of one book……How To Be Wildly Wealthy Fast!

This book is a fantastic blend of practical and metaphysical steps that help you change the way you think, feel and deal with dollars and is a must read for anyone. If Sandy can do it, so can I, and so can YOU!

Until tomorrow…….