The Natives Have Invaded My Backyard!

Please don’t get me wrong, I love sharing, BUT my univited house guests are doing my head in!!!

We don’t live on acerage, just an average suburban block only 13km from the heart of the city but not far from here is a big wad of National Park so I suppose that might have somthing to do with it, except why can’t they take up residence there instead of my yard.

Without signing a lease Mr and Mrs Bush Turkey are enjoying life at our place!!

If you have never had an experience with Bush Turkeys, you won’t understand the frustration of finding your backyard in your pool!

Bush Turkeys have strong legs and sharp claws, if you have leaf litter in your yard they will rake it all up for their nest, if you have weeds in your yard, they will rake it all up for their nest, if you have lovely plants in your yard, they will rake it all up for their nest until nothing but bare earth remains, the problem is sometimes they get side tracked and leave their raking in very inconvenient place, like my pool.


This is their masterpiece, with a pool noodle to help show you the size, and this one is tiny compared to the one on the other side of the fence!

My next door neighbours can hardly get up their drive way some nights as it is so covered in the pebbles that should be in their garden beds.

Before my backyard is stripped completely bare, I would love some suggestions on how to deter these birds from my place, short of the use of a shotgun (which is illegal)…..there must be something that they don’t like. We have tried breaking down the next and spreading it all back through the yard, but by the next day, it is all back in place.  ANY BRIGHT IDEAS WILL BE GRATEFULLY CONSIDERED!!!

On a brighter, quieter, non-invasive note, we also share our yard with Mr or Mrs (not sure which) Bluetongue, and he is more than welcome to stay and enjoy his days sunbacking by the pool!