10 Things You May Not Know About Me

I have been living with myself for 49 years, but golly gosh it is hard to come up with 10 things that you don’t know about me!

There is nothing like a blogging challenge to help get you thinking. Day 1 of Flourish Online’s Challenge is to introduce ourselves to all the participants so we can all get to know each other better!


Blog post creation requires the assistance of one of my loves – coffee.

1. Beautiful Brisbane has been my home for 26 years, but I was born in Melbourne. From the tender age of 9, my backyard transformed from a standard block to hotel resorts. My father was in hotel management so we lived overseas in the hotels he managed. Tropical paradise, beaches, hotel food and house maids became the norm for me. Pretty awesome childhood!

2. The only downside to this fabulousness was that it took me 13 different schools to finish Year 12. I even went to 3 different schools in one year. That was tough, but I survived and still have some amazing friends from those stops along the road.

The Westin Fiji

 One of my backyards……The Westin Fiji!

3.  I was married for 8 years before I finally had children…..why?…..because I spent 13 years as a high flying Corporate Travel Consultant and putting that passport away was not an easy thing to do. I worked incredibly long hours but in return got to experience amazing destinations. Who would not want to fly to London to have dinner with their brother, or take corporate secretaries to Auckland for just for the day? Two miscarriages before we were blessed with Miss WW (18) also played a part in that.

4.  I am incredibly lucky that both of my parents are still alive and well. The built a beautiful home on the Sunshine Coast so I have a permanent ‘holiday’ home close to the beach, which is my absolute happy place.


Yep, that’s how good it is!

5. I am a modern mumma who loves the conveniences of modern life, but blends it happily with ancient healing tools. There are crystals on my bedside table, pure essential oils burning away regularly, a vision board on the wall and Feng Shui placements in all area’s of my home.

6. I have written and published my first book – How To Unlock Your Child’s Super Powers! – A powerful guide to help your child be the best they can be and create an extraordinary life. I have learned the hard way that what you focus on is what you get. If children were taught at school to harness the power of their mind and focus on what they want not what they don’t have, the world is their oyster. I never went to university and nor did my ex. Miss WW (18) has just completed her first semester at Uni on the long path to becoming a Neurosurgeon and my other Miss WW (almost 15) is cruising merrily through life and school as she decides her path. I have taught my girls to follow their dreams, not follow my path or anyone else’s.


7. I have only just caught up with the rest of the world and watched Game Of Thrones! Yeah I know, bit slow, but it was fun watching multiple episodes in one sitting.

8. My most favourite food in the whole wide world is Marzipan. My German heritage is totally to blame for this addiction. My saving grace is that the only place I can buy it is Aldi and I don’t get there often.



9. My favourite affirmation at the moment is – “I accept and allow abundance in to all areas of my life today

10.  My current reading pile includes 3 magazines, ‘Mixed Media Techniques for Art Journaling’ and ‘You Can Create An Exceptional Life’. I adore books, magazines and reading. It is my one true way of relaxing that I try to find time for everyday.

What is your most favourite way to relax?

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Powerful Books For A Life Changing Year!

“Nothing changes unless you do!”

If your life is perfect, skip this post and a huge congratulations to you, you have it rocking!

BUT if your life is far from perfect, or even if just a couple of bits are just not the way you want them to be, then this post is definately for you. There is a wealth of wonderful books out there that can point you in the right direction of creating the life you desire, but I want to share a few of the one’s that have had a powerful positive affect on me.

Two years ago, my life as I new it came to a massive crashing end, and I spent many months living in anger, fear and saddness, I was on the verge of massive depression, but I new that the only way to change this pattern was to change myself and how I viewed everything that was going on around me. Blaming others or events, was not going to help. I had to start rebuilding my life, so I sunk my nose in books. They have been written for a purpose, to help guide us to a better life, if we choose to take what we learn on board and put it into action. I love reading, and I love the feeling of hope that starts to grow in my heart when the words show me a better way.



The first book is an oldy, but a very goody. I picked up this gem for $1.00 at a school fete and I am so very grateful that I did.

Count Your Blessings: The Healing Power of Gratitude and Love by Dr John F DeMartini, was the stepping stone for helping me move out of the ‘blame’ frame and into a ‘this is a blessing in disguise’, bloody awful disguise, frame of mind. I am amazed at what I have survived, the decisions I have made and proud of how far I have come. This book helps you turn any stressful situation into and inspiring learning experience. Sometimes we have to trust the blackness is the path to daylight! “Through the principles he presents a program which he guarantees will transform the negativity of your fears and problems into positive actions so that you become a stronger, healthier and more balanced person in control of your own destiny“. This books rocks and is an absolute must read for anyone!


If you are not totally in love with your money situation, then the second book is written by an Australian wonder women who went from $100000 is debt as a single mum trying to raise her two children, to a multi-millionaire, without winning lotto!

How To Be Wildly Wealthy Fast by Sandy Forster holds the key to financial freedom and gave me so many tools to help me stop focusing on the lack of money and start putting my energy into positive money feelings, and I have experienced a profound shift that I will continute to grow with the greatest of pleasure, simply because having money is FUN! “We all know that abundance is not simply about money. Yet money is important in everyone’s life, and this is a wonderful book for anyone who is facing a money challenge, or who simply wishes to create greater financial security. A fabulous mixture of practical ideas and spiritual tools for increasing money flow now“. If you don’t love and respect money, it won’t love and spend time with you!


The third book is a powerhouse of inspiration and tools to help you heal and move forward. I needed lot’s of that, and determined not to turn to a life of anti-depressants or alcohol. I needed to release the past and move forward – in leaps and bounds.

  Heal Yourself: Using the Scientifically Proven Mind-Body Connection to Manage Chronic Pain, Depression, Cancer and More by Dr Lynne Zimmerman is such an uplifting read, you can feel the joy rise through you, as you discover more and more about how powerful our mind is and we truly have the power to heal. “Science has proven that individuals suffering from pain and disease can, through simple exercises, ‘remap’ the circuitry in their brains to heal conditions such as chronic pain, depression, cancer and more“. All of the exercises are so simple, and after finding EFT so helpful in my journey, this really brought home to me how powerful yet simple this tool is. I had major mental blocks to overcome and I refer to this book again and again.


We are all amazing creations, and we all deserve to live a life full of joy, wonder and amazement, not lived trapped in the past or with limitations placed on us by others. Make 2013 the year, you take action and make the changes necessary to open to healing and success. No-one or no thing can do this for you. These three books are full of useful and practical tools that ANYONE can use. Some may seem a little ‘woo woo’ to you, but it’s the act of simply trying to make a change, whether you believe or not that these things can work, is taking a step in the right direction.

What is your favourite self-help book, that I can add to my list of must reads?


* (This post contains affiliate links that allows me to earn a small percentage of the sale price. These books have been recommended because they have been so powerful in helping me.)