ExfoliKate Your Way To Super Smooth Skin

I am a super big fan of exfoliation.

Getting rid of all those dead skin cells on a regular basis helps your skin to feel smooth and allows the products you apply to actually be absorbed.

Sunday is scrub day for me as I have time to play around in the shower and often I will make up my own scrubs with simple kitchen ingredients that are cheap and effective.

Facial exfoliators are a different story, as delicate facial skin needs to be treated with kindness.

For a long time now I have heard many people sing the praises of ExfoliKate but at around $100.00 for a full size tube that is not exactly enormous, that is quite an investment for a product that you might not fall in love with.

 exfoliKate for super smooth skin

 Now there is nothing like a wander around Mecca Cosmetica (which one HAS to do if one is in close proximity to a store and ones daughter is with you who is addicted to all things makeup and skin care) to help you discover new things. Such as a trial size (15ml) for $28.00.

That makes it much more tempting to give it a try. Instead of investing $100.00 for a tube that might sit in the bathroom cupboard if it does not perform.

ExfoliKate is quick and easy to use.

Simply cleanse your skin as normal with a wash off style cleanser.

Do not dry your skin after cleansing.

Take about 2 pea sized dollops of the exfoliator and massage gently into your skin for 30 seconds. Then leave it on your skin for up to two minutes. Tingling is normal.

Rinse off well and pat our face dry.

You are only supposed to use this once or twice per week, so even the small tube will last for quite a while and the result is just amazing. Your skin is left ridiculously soft and moisturisers are literally disappear when applied straight after use.

Miss WW is in love with Biore blackhead strips and uses them all the time.

After using ExfoliKate she applied a strip to her nose, and the amount of gunk that was released was so much more than ever before.

Obviously the exfoliation did such a good job at removing the dead skin cells that sealed the blackheads in, that when they were removed the strips could work so much more effectively.

This little tube is now on our favourites list and is definitely worth the investment.

What is your favourite facial exfoliating product?

Just For You June! – Day 2 – Scrubalicious Sunday

JUST FOR YOU JUNE – Creating the habit of having a little ‘me’ time and reaping the rewards!

Sunday is the perfect day for a little ‘Repair and Maintenance’ work to get your body feeling great.

Day 2 – Scrubalicious Sunday

Today is all about getting your exfoliator on and getting all those dull skin cells off.


Your skin is your biggest organ and everyday dead skin cells just sit on the surface, creating a dry layer that needs to be regularly removed, to allow your skin to breathe and to allow moisturisers to actually absorb and do the work that is intended.

Exfoliation is simple and will only add a few minutes to your shower time.

If you have an exfoliating gel or cream in your bathroom cupboard, simple step into a warm shower or bath, completely moisten your skin, then apply the exfoliator, by putting small amounts onto your fingers and covering your skin with small circular motions. Start at your feet and work your way to the top. Do not apply an exfoliator that has been designed for body use, onto your face as it will be to harsh for delicate facial skin.

If you don’t have a exfoliator in your collection, it is very simply to make your own. A quick trip into the kitchen will provide all you need and here is two quick and easy recipes for you – Strawberry Sugar Scrub or Hot Mocha Scrub

A little effort will result in smooth, silky and healthy skin.

Do you exfoliate regularly and what is your favourite exfoliating product?