Making Time For Me Everyday – #icad2015

I am no amazing artist but I really do enjoying dabbling in art and craft.

It can be really therapeutic to play with pens, paint or thread. It is no wonder that one of the most current crazes is adult colouring books.

I have been working away on some inspirational art pieces that will one day make into an online store right here.

But like so many of us life is just so damn busy that often my creative pursuits get put on the back burner as work and running the household as a single parent takes up so much of my time.

Flipping through Instagram as you do, I found this little challenge that starts on the 1st of June.

#ICAD2015 is not a competition and there are no prizes, for 61 days you are invited to create a mini art work….on an index card!

The challenge is about the DOING…It is the process of creating each day that matters

#icad2015 art supplies

There is only one rule – you have to create your art on an index card.

I found lined and blank index cards at the newsagent.

Everything else you use is completely up to you.

Pens, paint, pencils, stickers, stamps, washi tape, pictures from magazines or bits of fabric can be used, anything that you can write, draw or stick on will work.

There are daily prompts that you can use for inspiration.

There is also some ‘warm-up’ prompts if you want to start playing now.

There is a Facebook group you can share your creations to, or simply be inspired by what others have done.

Upload your creations to Instagram using the hashtag #icad2015.

Daisy Yellow Art is the creator of this challenge and you can get all the details here!

61 days = 61 cards = 61 little blocks of time to have some fun.

Some people have already been madly prepping cards in readiness. I have just played with a few.

Index card preparation for #icad2015

I like the lined one for lettering or list type cards and will use the blank ones for painted backgrounds as I think they look nicer.

You could use the time each day to make pretty lists or you could make some cards to give to friends and family.

Or you can just do it for you, making time to have a little fun.

Do you make time to do something just for you everyday?

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Author Blog Challenge – Day 7 – Paper, Pens and Plastic Pockets!

Describe your outline process for your book.

Day 7 of the Author Blog Challenge, and I have not missed a day, YAY! Must give myself a pat on the back for that…..

Today’s promt makes me feel a bit old, as my outline was created the old fashioned way…with pen and paper!

While I love and embrace modern technology, some things I like to do the ‘old’ way! I have a techno savvy daughter who comes to my rescue regularly when I have to make things work in computer land, but my book started out on my trusty A4 lined pad that never leaves my side when I am hatching and scheming things.

I just start writing and what ever comes out, gets jotted down. When I try and do these things typing, I seem to loose my train of thought as I glance at spelling or punctuation. Lot’s of single line notes as memory joggers fill the pages, so I don’t forget a thing. Then I got a clean sheet of paper and wrote down my proposed chapter titles, or at least what they were meant to include. Lot’s of scribbling, doodles and the odd shopping list make up my draft!

Then I just started typing, and typing and typing. Copy and Paste became my best friend as I shuffled things around, again and again. Throwing in a new chapter and tossing an old one was normal behaviour, until I decided enough is enough, it is great the way it is, leave it alone or it ain’t EVER going to be published.

Enter, the saviour of all things written, the Plastic Pocket, which is the home of all my creations. I can’t stand having pieces of valuable notes flitting around, so I use Plastic Pockets all the time for everything, totally addicted. If I am having a super neat freak day, these plastic pockets actually get put away into folders!

I am happy to confess that I am totally addicted to beautiful stationary, notebooks and pens that write nicely. I will never ditch them completely, as a computer hard drive does not have the same appeal as pretty paper, as my A4 pads are normally purchased in colours not the standard white, I am using a green one at this moment…..

Have you given up the paper habit, if so how on earth did you do it?

Happy Friday everyone!