Gel Nails At Home – No Lamp Required!

OK, I have a ‘thing’ for nail polish, 50 plus bottles worth of ‘thing’!

In saying that, my nails are always painted, nude nails and I don’t get along.

Luckily my nails grow like weeds and are pretty strong, but my day job is cruel to them, so keeping them painted provides some protection from snags and tears.

I have always loved the look of gel nails, that thick shiny finish appeals to me, but the time required and cost of upkeep does not.

At one of my favourite sales – 50% off Sally Hansen etc at Chemist Warehouse, I decided to try the Miracle Gel Nail Polish and Top Coat (not sponsored).

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish

You simply use this nail polish like you would any other and you are supposed to end up with a gel look finish that lasts for up to two weeks.

No base coat is required according to the website, you put on two layers of colour and then finish with the special Top Coat. No UV lamp or any other furniture for nail salons is necessary (I would like to get some though), daylight helps it to cure.

The first time I used it, I applied two coats of colour as suggested. The brush is different to any I have tried before, it is wide and flat, polish goes on really easily and a little ended up over the sides, but I just flick that off when it has dried.

I honestly was not that impressed, the colour was too transparent for me and I could see where the white of nail started.

A week later I took it off with normal nail polish remover quickly and easily.

I then did them again, but I used three coats of colour instead, and that made a huge difference.

The finished look was thick and glossy. 10 days later they were showing signs of wear across the tips, but not a single crack or chip. Now I am impressed. Very rarely can I get more than 2 or 3 days out of a bold coloured polish without chips or cracks.

My nails were left with a very slight hint of pink after I took the polish off, so I applied a clear gloss that has a hint of sparkle and it looked really pretty for the next week.

Better go and get some more colours as I will definitely be using this again.

What is your favourite brand of nail polish or do you always go and get yours done?

Stepping into Spring, with a light and sparkly nail update

Glitter on MY nails! I don’t think so, would have normally been my response, unless I was heading to a 80’s disco night.

Until, the other day, I was having coffee with one of my best friends, who had just happened to sneak in a trip to the nail bar before meeting for our fortnightly coffee date. She very proudly showed me her newly polishing nails and they looked truly gorgeous. The slightest hint of pink and a dash of glitter, very pretty and classy.

Nature was very kind to me in the nail department, and I have strong nails that grow like weeds, so I have never had acrylics or gels, because I just don’t need them, nor can I really be bothered to go and have the regrowth filled all the time. For a split second I was almost tempted to head straight to the nail bar after coffee, but then I thought I can do this myself, if I have a suitable nailpolish.

My collection of nail colours include Hot Pink, Hot Pink, Hot Pink, Red and Bronze, no pretty pink with glitter. Daughter to the rescue, she has every colour under the sun except Hot Pink, because I have all of those. Sally Hansen, Pink Confetti is hiding at the back of her polish collection, yay!

I always have my toe nails painted, but don’t always do my finger nails, as the colour chips so quickly and then looks tacky, so other than a slick of gloss my fingers, they are often alah natural…..but two coats of Pink Confetti and a top coat and I now have beautiful fresh nails that are just perfect for the lightness and freshness of Spring. Gone are the dark colours (for now) and the best thing about this ‘light’ approach is that even if the colour wears or chips you can’t see it unless you get the magnifying glass out, as it so nice and pale.

I love this look, go and try it for yourself, I am even admiring them as I type right now!