The BEST Caramel Fudge Recipe Ever!

How to make the BEST caramel fudge – EVER!

caramel fudge



I do fetes, I love fetes, can’t resist fetes, for one sole reason…….Caramel Fudge…….my fudge addiction draws me to fetes like a magnet, in search of the perfect piece of fudge, that I thought only nana’s had the secret to this awesome treat.  With all the fudge shops that have opened around the country, I thought I would be in heaven, but honestly, I don’t really like that super soft smooth variety that they all offer. I love the more old fashioned variety that is a little crumbly and then dissolves heavenly in your mouth.

This recipe is a wonderful combination of both, rich, creamy and crumbly all at the same time. Make some today and share with everyone as this makes plenty!



800 grams Castor Sugar (Superfine Sugar)

125 grams Butter

1/2 cup Milk

2 tablespoons Golden Syrup

1 can Condensed Milk

1 Teaspoon Vanilla Essence


Large Heavy Based Saucepan

1 Whisk

1 18 x 28cm Baking Tray, lined with non-stick Baking Paper

1 Electric Beater

1 Scraper

** Before you start cooking, have everything ready to go including tray lined and beaters plugged in as time is off the essence for the final process.



1. Place sugar, butter, milk and golden syrup into a heavy based saucepan and bring to the boil, stirring constantly.

2. Remove from heat and add condensed milk and vanilla, whisk to combine.

3. Return to heat and simmer and stir constantly for 16 – 20 minutes. (I tend not to watch the clock anymore when I make it, as sometimes it seems to go quicker and others slower, when it has turned into a nice rich golden colour I take it off the heat)

** You need to stir constantly to avoid sticking, but more often than not small little brown flecks appear in my mixture – but don’t panic, these disappear when you progress to the next step.

4. Remove from heat and place on a thick wooden board or similar to protect your kitchen bench and beat on high speed with the electric beaters, until smooth and thick.

5. Using the scraper, pour quickly into the lined tray, score the warm fudge, allow to cool and then cut into squares. If you don’t score the fudge before it is cold, cutting it into nice neat shapes is near impossible.

6. Store in the refigerator in an airtight container when it is cold.

After you have scraped all the little left over yummy bits and popped them in your mouth, fill the saucepan with hot water and put the beaters and scraper in the bowl. Allow to soak for a little while and any remaining fudge will dissolve and washing up is easy.

Fudge Heaven


Simple recipe – Superb Results – ENJOY!!!!!