Natural Treatments For Fleas And Ticks On Your Pets


Today started with some very sad news, dear friends of ours lost their gorgeous little white fluff ball of a dog, to the bite and poison of a tick. I always thought this was a summer issue for pets, but in Brisbane we are right in the middle of winter, and I will be the first to admit that I have not taken any action against these nasty critters of late. There are many natural ways to support your pet to help cope with these villans and needless to say I will be ramping up my actions to help keep our resident fur ball Tiger happy and healthy as we live in the same suburb as our friends. Three dogs in that street have been lost to tick bites and this is just so sad.

A great place to start is out in the yard. Keeping garden beds clear of litter and the grass well mown is step one. Neem oil sprayed around the garden is a great way to give fleas and ticks their marching orders. Simply miss 4 Teaspoons into 4 Litres of water and spray around your yard. Neem oil has long been recognised as fantastic insect repellant. If you are still having a problem with fleas, then I recommend SENTRY CapGuard Nitenpyram, it is an oral capsule that smells and taste like beef. Your pet will just think its a treat and won’t fight you to take it.

Pets can receive direct treatment, by combining a teaspoon of oil (any type you have at home olive, vegetable, sweet almond etc) with 2 drops of Rosemary Pure Essential oil. Rub into your hands and then rub into your dog or cat. Very effective, but must be done every 7 to 10 days.

Rose Geranium or Palmarose Pure Essential oil, 1 drop placed on the pets collar each week is also a great trick.

Apple Cider Vinegar dilluted 1:3 parts water, can be sprayed around the home for indoor treatment.

Soak cotton wool balls in Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Rose Geranium or Palmarosa Pure Essential and place strategically around the house where your pets like to frequent regularly not only smells nice, but will send the little critters scurrying away.

Don’t let winter lull you into a false sense of security, ticks can kill at anytime of the year!

If you have any other useful treatments that you use, please share…..