Staring Mortality In The Face!

Author Blog Challenge – Day 18

Today the author in me is quiet.

Today I am not following the promt.

Today I am staring mortality in the face.

Today I learnt that a guy I went to school with passed away last week.

Glenn was not a good friend of mine, I went to school with him (MSHS Class of 82), I havn’t even seen him since the day we graduated from year 12, 30 years ago. BUT thanks to the wonderful world of Facebook, I was part of his everyday life and me part of his. I knew about his family happenings, how work was going, what he did on the weekends in his spare time….all the wonderful things you share on your page.

Only about 6 weeks ago, Glenn mentioned he had not been feeling well and was off to the doctors. He was prescribed anti-biotics as the doctor thought he had a stomach bug of sorts. The drugs had no effect so he went back to the doctors for and got prescribed a different drug to try. None of them worked, his weight was dropping dramatically and before you could say ‘boo’, he was admitted to hospital, diagnosed with an inoperable, untreatable and incredibly aggressive intestinal cancer.

One week later he passed away! Bang, all over in the blink of an eye!!!!!

Glenn has been laid to rest, his wife and gorgeous kids have to come to terms with their loss, and I am angry at myself for wasting so many precious moments focusing on trivial annoyances, when before we know it, we might no longer be around so that crap means nothing.

Enjoy every moment, give your loved ones a kiss, a hug or a phone call!

Give thanks for everything that you do have!

If your school organises a High School Reunion, like we are having this year in September, go and have a ball, celebrate everything you have been through and acheived! You are luck that you can go, unlike Glenn who won’t be joining our party, but he will be remembered and is now another angel in heaven looking over all of us!