How To Stop Jealousy From Stealing Your Good!

How often does the green-eyed monster rear it’s ugly head in your life?

Jealousy and envy are very powerful emotions. Everytime you allow these feelings to take control, you are giving away your power!

Everyday we are faced with visions of things we would love to be, do or have. Social media, television and magazines will provide lot’s of food to feed the monster within. Daily we are bombarded with images of other’s successes, good looks, gorgeous bodies, exotic holiday destinations or new toys. All sorts of things we would love, but probably don’t have, or we would have no need to feel jealous or envious.


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Every time we react with a jealous or envious feeling, we are putting up a big energetic wall that stops the things we desire from coming into our life. We are sending out a loud signal that we DONT have, and in a perfect response to that energy you continue to receive what you DONT want.

If you change how you respond to these triggers, you change what you receive. SIMPLE! In theory yes it is simple, but in practice is is not always so.

Here is a little ‘trick’ that you can try, next time the green eyed moster comes calling….

Respond to the trigger with “OH, YES THAT IS FOR ME – THANK YOU“.

With this response your energy is affirming that you do want that experience or thing in your life and you are saying thank you in advance for receiving it.

Try it and feel the difference!

To really send a powerful positive message, you could always add an affirmation.

I love my new car

I am so excited about our next holiday

I can’t believe how good I look now

Make up your own, just ensure that it is positive and is worded as though you already have it.

You are a powerful manifestor, go forth and receive your good.