My Top 5 Reads…..So Far!

On the lounge with a book, is where you will find me if you look!

That is of course providing I am not working, blogging, cleaning, cooking or being a superhuman single mum!

Since I was a little girl, I have always had a passion for reading. Some of my most prized possessions were books that got dog eared and delapedated from over use. Enid Blighton’s ‘Far Away Tree’ was read over and over again. Then it was two books on caring for and riding horses. I devoured every piece of information in these books as we were living in a resort in Fiji where I was able to ride everyday, but had no idea how to when we first got there, so determined to learn, I read and practiced until I could gallop down the beach terrorising the house guests, such fun!


This is what my bedside table often looks like, a huge pile of reading awaiting perusal!

Before children, I would often enjoy reading novels in my spare time (because I actually had some) and I remember one day, when my ex was at work, housework was done, so I sat down to do a ‘little’ reading. I read and read, for the entire day, from front to back, and did not move until it was finished. I even forgot to eat. It’s one of those power plays between the rich and poor and I just loved – A Dangerous Fortune by Ken Follet

In recent years, when I do have time to sit down and read, it’s not often that I pick up novels. I love to learn, and prefer to read non-fiction, so I can increase my knowledge and find more interesting things to share on the blog.

I did read the entire Harry Potter series, as I was truly captivated by the clever mind of JK Rowling. Her imagination spun an awesome tale that I did not want to end. They are a must read for everyone.

On my mothers insistance, I did read the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo trilogy by Steig Larsson, who sure keeps you guessing. These books broke the normal rule of the first one being fabulous and the following ones being a little so-so. I honestly thought they got better with each one. Unfortunately he has passed away, so there will be no more super suspense thrillers for me to enjoy.

After a very checkered past with money, I knew I had to make some big changes to how I felt about finance if I was not going to let history repeat itself for the rest of my life. Fortunately I found the most amazing book and author, Aussie Sandy Forster who went from welfare to millionaire and shares her collection of tips and tricks for changing your consciousness from poverty to prosperity. I have learned so much from this book it is one of my favourite go to’s when I am slipping back into lack mentality at any time. An absolute must read if prosperity is one of your priorities – ‘How To Be Wildly Wealthy Fast’ is powerful stuff.

Finally my favourite book at the moment, that I just can’t put down, is The Magic by Rhonda Byrne. The power of gratitude is becoming more and more evident. We are all so good at grumbling and complaining at everything that is not working out right, that we simply keep getting more of the same. This book is a follow on from The Secret, and is an entire book dedicated to the power of being grateful and practical ways you can put it into action. This book is on my bedside table and is not going anywhere for the moment……Just love it!

I wonder what my next favourite discovery is going to be?

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Author Blog Challenge – Day 3 – Inspiration And Awe!


Our prompts for the day, made this post an easy one! I have a few absolute favourites that spring to mind instantly and I am happy to share!

Who are the writers you most admire?

As a child the only books I truly remember being in love with were the FarAway Tree collection by Enid Blyton. I loved reading when I was young and read a lot, but these kept me captivated and I read them over and over again. An absolute must read for any child today!

I am one of the millions of Harry Potter fans from around the world, who enjoyed every book that JK Rowling created, and watched every movie on release date, pure magic! Every page kept me waiting for the next, and at the end of each book, I could not wait for the release of the next addition!

I don’t often read novels, I tend to prefer non-fiction most of the time, but fortunately my mum managed to convince me to read the Millenium Trilogy by Stieg Larsson. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo had me hooked from the beginning and each book just got better and better. Still behind in watching the movies, but the Swedish version was on SBS a little while back and did enjoy watching that.


The one author that inspired, motivated, gave me the courage and made me take the first step and pick up a pen and write my first book was Sandy Forster from Wildly Wealthy. A fellow Aussie who only lives and hour and half from me in beautiful Queensland, whose ‘story’ mirrored mine so much, has created a multi-million dollar business from scratch on the back of one book……How To Be Wildly Wealthy Fast!

This book is a fantastic blend of practical and metaphysical steps that help you change the way you think, feel and deal with dollars and is a must read for anyone. If Sandy can do it, so can I, and so can YOU!

Until tomorrow…….

How To Be Wildly Wealthy Fast, A Fantastic Read For The Holidays


Christmas can be a wonderful time to take a well earned break and enjoy being able to curl up on the couch with a good book!

I don’t often sit and read novels, I really prefer to spend my reading time, learning something new and then putting that knowledge to good use…… around my lounge and next to my bed you will find piles of books that fill my heart and head with  positive learning!

One of favourites is “How To Be Wildly Wealthy Fast” written by Sandy Forster, is one of my ‘bibles’ that I refer to over and over again, especially when I am having a not so good day. Not only is this book a very practical guide to releasing you from money stress, it is full of powerful steps to help you transform your relationship with money.

Sandy shares her story of how she went from living in debt and on welfare to creating an amazing life that sees her now as a published author, award winning prosperity mentor, international speaker and more. When I first read this book, I had so many OMG moments, it felt like I was reading my own story with some of the pattens I was living through…..but most importantly, this books opens you to the possibilities, that anything is possible for anyone, you just need to start!

There is also a matching workbook that you can use to help you on your path to wealth and success, whatever that means to you, and Sandy is very generous with her additional offerings that can be downloaded free from her site. She also regularly holds teleseminars that are not just a big sales pitch to help you on your journey.

Sandy is on my list of people I respect and admire the most, and she is worthy of your time and effort. As 2012 approaches and we start making our ‘New Years Resolutions’, give yours the power to actually come true by grabbing your copy  Order Now   would also make a great gift for anyone that wants more out of life, as these principles work for anything not just money.