How To Create Killer Blog Post Titles!

How do you pick your blog post titles?

Do you carefully consider the words you use for your post titles, or do you just use what ever pops into your head?

I will admit, I love quirky post titles, but google does not seem to agree with my sense of humor and deem them all search result worthy……damn machines, what do you expect!

Unfortunately, if you want your posts to be read, you need killer titles that draw in crowds that just can’t resist your clever titles.

So how do you do this? ………. Take inspiration from the best in the business!

acp_fct483x297x72x11_t460Magazines can be a bloggers best friend!

Have you ever stood in line at the check out and skimmed the covers on magazines to kill the time?

Those headlines sell copies. We don’t buy them just because we like the cover photo, we see a headline that grabs our attention, and we just have to know what that story is about.

A collection of magazines can give your posts headlines that work!

If you don’t have any at home, get some or go down to the newsagents or supermarket and use your phone to snap some of the covers.

Take a headline that you like, and re-work the wording so it matches the post you are writing about. If you are having a blank moment about what to write your next post on, use the headline and create a post around that theme.

Sometimes a quick flick through a magazine, gives me a multitude of idea’s about posts for the future, actually sometimes it takes me forever to get through a magazine as so many idea’s start brewing in my head.

A little keyword research can sometimes help you uncover the perfect words for your titles, but at least if you model yours on the best in the business, your posts will grab attention just like the magazine covers do.

Go forth and grab a mag, great titles and idea’s await!

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