3 Appliances to Buy For Your First Home

3 Appliances to Buy For Your First Home

I don’t think there’s anything more exciting than compiling a list of new appliances to slide into your freshly purchased (or rented) first home, some bare and loaded with possibility you can’t help logging onto electronics websites and bookmarking the latest from products from LG Australia (or whatever brand takes your fancy). Before you go crazy and start listing weird and wonderful accessories, stuff you don’t really need and doubles of those you currently own, take a look at my top five appliances every minted couple or single needs when diving into the great unknown, beyond the hand-me-downs from well-meaning friends and family. Because let’s face it, most parents don’t see the point of spending up big now for maximum enjoyment later when there’s a reliable second (translation: fourth hand) TV up for grabs!



First things first, you kind of need a tele; though computers, tablets and mobiles are quickly becoming integral tech appendages in our lives, we still spend a fair chunk of time catching our favourite shows or letting back ground noise stream while we make dinner, do the housework or just chill out. Ideally, you’ll want to set yourself up with a nicely costed HD LCD at least, complete with HDMI capabilities to allow for a seamless networking experience, especially if you’re the type to play media from your computer to a bigger screen. This technology used to set the average punter back a fair chunk of the monthly pay check, but these days, the demand placed on certain functionalities has ensured they’ve been included in budgeted entries, so we can all enjoy a nice viewing experience.

Washing Machine

There’s nothing worse than body odour combined with weeks of deodorant piled onto each other; going weeks without washing may have worked for you in Uni, but now you’ve entered the real world, you’ll have to do your own washing. It’s pretty simple, really. Buy a small front louder to save on electricity and water usage to a minimum, and ask your Dad for help connecting it for the first time. They’re not hard to use; in fact, if you can play a computer game, any game at all, even on your iPhone, you’ve got this washing machine thing in the bag. Cold water, daily wash, pour in liquid, close hatch and press start. See? Now stop enslaving your mother.


The home of snacks, beer and other weird things you’ll no doubt cultivate. Aside from cleaning it out every now and then (highly recommended) a fridge is certainly pivotal to your continued comfort when moving into a blank slate. You need to eat, don’t you? It’s not enough to live off tap water and ramen (though you may have to, if your mortgage is gob-smackingly high), you’ll need a cool, frosty place to keep your trendy tubs of froghurt and light-weight beer for when physically aware guests visit. Try to keep something other than a mouldy block of cheese on the top shelf too, like soup or vegetables. Whatever, just fill that beast!

What about you, my loyal (flighty) audience, what appliance could you not live without? Let me know in the comments!

Feng Shui For Your Kitchen – Protecting Your Prosperity


The kitchen is the heart of every home, and can have a profound effect on your prosperity! Feng Shui is all about the flow of Chi (energy) and your kitchen can be harmful to your wealth.  The following tips will help you ensure your fortune is not effected, and will help improve the flow of abundance into your house.

Colour plays an important role in Feng Shui and red and orange should be avoided in kitchens where possible, as the oven and cooktop represent ‘heat’, adding these colours creates imbalance by adding more ‘heat’. If you kitchen has these colours in the doors or tiles, try adding the colour blue with accessories such as hand towels and oven mits etc. as this has a cooling effect on the energy in this room. Red and orange also stimulate appetite, so if you are trying to watch what you eat, stay out of the kitchen! The best colours for kitchens are white, cream, lemon, pale green and blue which all have a calming/cooling effect on energy.

The oven MUST be kept clean, and even though I try to only use natural cleaning products for the sake of health and the enviroment, I have tried sooooooo many alternatives and none of them really work, no matter how much elbow grease I use. So for this job, which only has to be done a few times each year, you cannot go past Easy Off Oven – this red can of magic can be used for a quick 5 minute clean in a warm oven, or left for 30 minutes in a cold oven. Wear rubber gloves to protect your hands and watch the grime disappear as you wash it off, it really is amazing and so effective.

The oven and cooktop must be kept in good working order and clean to help promote money flow. Dripping taps represent money ‘going down the drain’, call the handyman today if any of these need repair.

The fridge presents the ‘soul’ of the household, is yours full of left overs and rotting produce. Give it a good clean and get rid of everything that is not fresh. You don’t want your life to be full of rot, do you? Reduce the amount of fresh produce you buy if you tend to throw more out than you consume and stock up of frozen vegetables instead.

Do you have a knife block on your bench? If you do hide it away in the cupboard or get rid of it completely! They can cause arguments and financial loss as they have a ‘cutting’ energy.

Keep all of the bench tops as clear as possible, and only have the necessities on display (my coffee machine is NOT going anywhere!) as clutter of any sort slows energy flow or allows it to stagnate. Ensure your rubbish bin is small and hidden away in the cupboard if possible and clear it everyday, as it is full of rotten rubbish and is a definate energy blocker.

Clutter also includes all the bits you have stuck on your fridge. Magnets, bills and forms need to be put away in a box and the fridge kept clear. A picture of a bright yellow sunflower represents fresh new growth and is a better alternative or a nice new picture created by one of your children is a good alternative.

Is your pantry full of products way past useby. Give it a good overhaul, throw out anything that has expired and give the shelves a good wipedown. You don’t want your life to feel ‘past useby, do you?

A beautiful bowl brimming with fresh fruit is a great positive energy item for display. Oranges, mandarins and tangarines are good additions especially around Chinese New Year, they represent wealth.

If your kitchen has a window, keep it open and let fresh flow through as much as possible and fresh energy brings fresh opportunities and positive energy flow.

Look after your kitchen and it will look after you, don’t go to be with dishes piled up, spend a few minutes washing them or at least stacking the dishwasher and enjoy waking up in the morning to clean and clear, so much nicer and so much better for your good fortune.

Guess who just cleaned their oven and fridge??? Pantry is being done tomorrow, this is one job I always like to do in the New Year to improve energy flow, go to it and reap the benefits……………