How To Raise Financially Clever Kids!

Are you teaching your children to be good money managers or do you have some not so awesome habits that your children will take with them into adulthood?

During their early primary school years, is the most valuable time to start teaching them great money skills, as they absorb so much information and create the patterns for the future.

No matter what your financial past looks like, even if your current situation is far from perfect, your children do not have to suffer the same fate. If your current money habits, create tension and stress, your children will pick up on this, and will develop fear about financial matters.


The following tips will teach your children valuable positive money habits that will last a lifetime.

1. Let all family members be involved in budgeting decisions – Children are really good at wanting everything, now! Help them learn how much things really cost. Show them how much the groceries cost each week, if you are planning a holiday, teach them how to read brochures, show them an electricity bill and explain to them how many other things could be bought for that value, if they want to start a new sport every second week let them see how much it really costs.

2. Start pocket money sooner rather than later – $1.00 for each year of age seems to be the best rate to start with. It is vital that they must contribute to household chores to ‘earn’ their money. Just handing it out, will ensure they expect everything for nothing. Have a list of extra jobs they can complete for a small bonus.

3. Let children decide how they want to spend their money – Decide how much MUST go into savings and then let them decide what they want to spend the balance on. More than likely it will be sweet treats or small toys in the beginning, but as children see their savings grow they will often contribute more of their spare cash to a savings goal.

4. Big purchases must be saved for without a loan from The Mum And Dad Bank – When your child has their eye on a special prize, let them save towards buying it. One of the most powerful lessons to learn is that mum and dad are not an endless source of cash. Even if you have got it, don’t let them know that.

5. Set up a ‘shop’ at home – Get a storage tub and fill it with fun treats from the cheap shop, or when you find things on sale in the shops. Put a price tag on every item, and when it is payday, let your children spend their spare cash in your shop. Offer a lay-by system, that children can contribute a little each week until they have covered the cost.

5. Do not settle the tab of overspending tweens & teens – If they overspend their mobile phone budget, they can live without until the next month. It will hurt like hell, and they will claim they can’t survive, but they need to learn from an early age that you are not a limitless pit, and overspending costs.

5. Open a bank account with a bonus saving account  – both of my teens have a standard keycard account, but attached to that account is a sub-account that is interest bearing. Their savings are placed in the sub-account and they have already discovered the joy of interest being credited to their account for doing nothing other than leaving their cash there and adding to it regularly. Compound interest is a powerful financial tool to creating wealth.

6. Credit costs – Personal loans and credit cards cost, and the sooner children learn about the possible traps, and the high rates of interest that borrowing costs, they quicker they will realise that borrowing for things that do not appreciate in value costs dearly. Saving money for a large purchase is a much better option.

7. Explain your money mistakes and the price you have paid – your mistakes don’t all have to be doom and gloom, but valuable lessons. Let them know that they have choices and that if they want everything NOW, they could create financial disaster for their futures. Debt is one of the biggest causes of stress and destruction of relationships. Knowledge is power, and children have the chance to never be put in that situation if good habits are developed young.

Some of the decisions I made in the past were horrendous, but I learnt well and even though they were very painful for me, my children know all about it and are doing all the right things already. Without a doubt some of the best lessons for my girls and their future has come from the openess in which I have explained exactly what can happen.

Unfortunately schools do not spend much time teaching the valuable financial lessons that children need to be money savvy, it is definately a parents job to ingrain the good habits they can set your children up for life. Make it fun and rewarding and the lessons will be well learnt!

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Powerful Books For A Life Changing Year!

“Nothing changes unless you do!”

If your life is perfect, skip this post and a huge congratulations to you, you have it rocking!

BUT if your life is far from perfect, or even if just a couple of bits are just not the way you want them to be, then this post is definately for you. There is a wealth of wonderful books out there that can point you in the right direction of creating the life you desire, but I want to share a few of the one’s that have had a powerful positive affect on me.

Two years ago, my life as I new it came to a massive crashing end, and I spent many months living in anger, fear and saddness, I was on the verge of massive depression, but I new that the only way to change this pattern was to change myself and how I viewed everything that was going on around me. Blaming others or events, was not going to help. I had to start rebuilding my life, so I sunk my nose in books. They have been written for a purpose, to help guide us to a better life, if we choose to take what we learn on board and put it into action. I love reading, and I love the feeling of hope that starts to grow in my heart when the words show me a better way.



The first book is an oldy, but a very goody. I picked up this gem for $1.00 at a school fete and I am so very grateful that I did.

Count Your Blessings: The Healing Power of Gratitude and Love by Dr John F DeMartini, was the stepping stone for helping me move out of the ‘blame’ frame and into a ‘this is a blessing in disguise’, bloody awful disguise, frame of mind. I am amazed at what I have survived, the decisions I have made and proud of how far I have come. This book helps you turn any stressful situation into and inspiring learning experience. Sometimes we have to trust the blackness is the path to daylight! “Through the principles he presents a program which he guarantees will transform the negativity of your fears and problems into positive actions so that you become a stronger, healthier and more balanced person in control of your own destiny“. This books rocks and is an absolute must read for anyone!


If you are not totally in love with your money situation, then the second book is written by an Australian wonder women who went from $100000 is debt as a single mum trying to raise her two children, to a multi-millionaire, without winning lotto!

How To Be Wildly Wealthy Fast by Sandy Forster holds the key to financial freedom and gave me so many tools to help me stop focusing on the lack of money and start putting my energy into positive money feelings, and I have experienced a profound shift that I will continute to grow with the greatest of pleasure, simply because having money is FUN! “We all know that abundance is not simply about money. Yet money is important in everyone’s life, and this is a wonderful book for anyone who is facing a money challenge, or who simply wishes to create greater financial security. A fabulous mixture of practical ideas and spiritual tools for increasing money flow now“. If you don’t love and respect money, it won’t love and spend time with you!


The third book is a powerhouse of inspiration and tools to help you heal and move forward. I needed lot’s of that, and determined not to turn to a life of anti-depressants or alcohol. I needed to release the past and move forward – in leaps and bounds.

  Heal Yourself: Using the Scientifically Proven Mind-Body Connection to Manage Chronic Pain, Depression, Cancer and More by Dr Lynne Zimmerman is such an uplifting read, you can feel the joy rise through you, as you discover more and more about how powerful our mind is and we truly have the power to heal. “Science has proven that individuals suffering from pain and disease can, through simple exercises, ‘remap’ the circuitry in their brains to heal conditions such as chronic pain, depression, cancer and more“. All of the exercises are so simple, and after finding EFT so helpful in my journey, this really brought home to me how powerful yet simple this tool is. I had major mental blocks to overcome and I refer to this book again and again.


We are all amazing creations, and we all deserve to live a life full of joy, wonder and amazement, not lived trapped in the past or with limitations placed on us by others. Make 2013 the year, you take action and make the changes necessary to open to healing and success. No-one or no thing can do this for you. These three books are full of useful and practical tools that ANYONE can use. Some may seem a little ‘woo woo’ to you, but it’s the act of simply trying to make a change, whether you believe or not that these things can work, is taking a step in the right direction.

What is your favourite self-help book, that I can add to my list of must reads?


* (This post contains affiliate links that allows me to earn a small percentage of the sale price. These books have been recommended because they have been so powerful in helping me.)