Margate Beach – The Perfect Family Beach Day Out In Brisbane!

When most Brisbane families think about spending the day at the beach, heading to the Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast would usually be their first choice.

The beautiful beaches on each coast are a big draw card, but it also means a long drive and the very probable chance of being caught in terrible traffic, which quickly turns a great day into a frustrating one.

A great alternative to battling the freeways is just north of the city at Margate!

Brisbane beaches for families

Soft sand and safe swimming is waiting for you.

There is plenty of parking right on the beachfront and if you arrive mid morning you will probably be able to score a nice shady spot up on the grass with a million dollar view and protection from the sun.

Unlike the more popular beaches close by like Redcliffe and Scarborough, it always seems to be relatively quiet at Margate Beach, but you don’t miss out on a single thing.

Pack a picnic, add a chilled bottle of wine and you will be set for the day.

If you love fish and chips or a great burger, Red Dolphin Seafoods is right on the main street facing the beach and has really good fresh food, coffee and ice creams.

Fresh fast food at Margate

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Take a walk along the beach to the southern end and admire the lovely waterfront properties that have backyards the butt right on to the beach.

If you take some sturdy shoes with you, enjoy exploring the rock pools and take a fishing rod as well if you would like to try and catch your dinner.

There are BBQ facilities if you want to cook your catch straight away.

Explore the rock pools at Margate Beach

Margate Beach is 26 km North East of Brisbane City and offers beautiful views of Moreton Bay.

You can watch the planes fly in and out of Brisbane and you might ever see a cruise ship just sail on by.

Margate Village Shopping Centre is close by with a supermarket, chemist etc. incase you leave something important at home.

The next time the kids are driving you stir-crazy at home, pack up the family and head to the beach. No need to battle the traffic and you can leave the surf boards at home.

Let the kids swim and run to their hearts content and they are guaranteed to sleep well that night.

Do you ever go to local Brisbane beaches?

Which is your favourite?

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Learning how to play Mah Jong, a new family favourite!

We are learning some new skills and creating a new family tradition – Mahjong!

Since I was a teen, I remember my mum playing Mah Jong when we lived overseas, it was a great way for the ladies to fill the time whilst their hubbies were at work, but for some reason, mum never taught me and I never asked.

When we went up the coast to visit them, it was a cold afternoon, so nicely rugged up with warm cups of tea, we all decided it was time all the girls in the family learnt how to play, and the 4 of us sat down for what we thought would be an hour or so.

Three hours later we had to stop or dinner was not going to happen, we were all having so much fun, we did not want to stop!

Mah Jong is an awesome game, and I cannot believe how much my teenage girls were getting caught up in the thrill of the chase.

The next morning was a dash to the book shop to pick up “The Mahjong Player’s Companion” book, which is the ‘bible’ one must study to become an expert at all the possible hands you can create to WIN. As we are a very competitive bunch, this was a must.

Next, we needed a Mah Jong set, and with Miss WW, having a birthday last week, perfect gift suggestion for Uncle and Aunt.

All we need now is some racks (special wooded shaped lengths that you sit your tiles on whilst playing) and it is game on!

Have you ever played Mah Jong and do you find it as addictive as we are?