Easy Feng Shui For More Abundance

Improve Your Money Energy With Feng Shui

If you would like to see your abundance and prosperity grow in 2014, why not use a little Feng Shui to help you on your way.

Feng Shui is all about the energy of your home and how it affects those that live in it. Without getting tooooo technical about how it all works, with just a little general knowledge you can focus on the area of your home that is your ‘wealth’ sector and with these handy little tips, increase the good money vibes in your life.

easy feng shui

These simple tips are easy to follow and can have a profound influence on your wealth!

Always keep the toilet lid down – the toilet is basically a big drain, and leaving the lid up, leaves this big drain open, and signifies money continually draining away from you.

Fix dripping taps immediately – dripping taps are allowing ‘wealth’ to drip away so always have any plumbing issues fixed immediately.

Keep your oven and fridge clean – these large energy sources in your home must be kept as clean and fresh as possible. Leftovers and rotting food create negative energy and have a negative affect on your finances.

Keep your kitchen benches as clear as possible – especially if you have a knife block on your bench, hide it away in the cupboard, as these ‘cut’ into your financial wellbeing.

Now when it comes to your home and your money, the South East sector of your home is the one that needs nurturing and care. You can locate this area of your home by standing in the centre and us a compass (most smart phones have one) or use google maps to locate your property and it shows the direction of true North so you can work it out from there. You don’t need to get to concerned about the exact area, just keep in mind there are 8 sectors all up North, North East, North West, East, South, South East, South West and west. Your South East sector is one-eighth of your home.

The South East is governed by the element of wood. So all things made of wood, the colour green and lush plants will lift the energy. Avoid the colour red as much as possible as red represents fire and this ‘burns’ wood. Go easy on anything metallic as metal ‘chops’ wood. Both of these elements harm the wood energy. Items that are blue or black in colour represent water and of course wood needs water to thrive, so adding these elements improves the energy.

Place a bowl in the South East and keep all your spare change in it. Keep adding coins to this bowl as this represents ‘growing’ your wealth.

Try and keep this part of your home very clean and clutter free. Open a window or two and allow air to flow through everyday as this invites in fresh new energy.

If you would like to learn more about Feng Shui, my favourite Feng Shui author is Lillian Too. She has written so many books on the subject and explains things clearly using plenty of pictures. Buy one of her books or borrow one or 10 from the library. It is a facinating subject and incredibly powerful way to influence your good fortune.

Do you use Feng Shui principles in your home or have you never heard a thing about it?

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