How To Be Wildly Wealthy Fast, A Fantastic Read For The Holidays


Christmas can be a wonderful time to take a well earned break and enjoy being able to curl up on the couch with a good book!

I don’t often sit and read novels, I really prefer to spend my reading time, learning something new and then putting that knowledge to good use…… around my lounge and next to my bed you will find piles of books that fill my heart and head with  positive learning!

One of favourites is “How To Be Wildly Wealthy Fast” written by Sandy Forster, is one of my ‘bibles’ that I refer to over and over again, especially when I am having a not so good day. Not only is this book a very practical guide to releasing you from money stress, it is full of powerful steps to help you transform your relationship with money.

Sandy shares her story of how she went from living in debt and on welfare to creating an amazing life that sees her now as a published author, award winning prosperity mentor, international speaker and more. When I first read this book, I had so many OMG moments, it felt like I was reading my own story with some of the pattens I was living through…..but most importantly, this books opens you to the possibilities, that anything is possible for anyone, you just need to start!

There is also a matching workbook that you can use to help you on your path to wealth and success, whatever that means to you, and Sandy is very generous with her additional offerings that can be downloaded free from her site. She also regularly holds teleseminars that are not just a big sales pitch to help you on your journey.

Sandy is on my list of people I respect and admire the most, and she is worthy of your time and effort. As 2012 approaches and we start making our ‘New Years Resolutions’, give yours the power to actually come true by grabbing your copy  Order Now   would also make a great gift for anyone that wants more out of life, as these principles work for anything not just money.