So Glad That I Live In Australia!

I start work at 5am, and it is only when I go on my coffee break, that I whip out my phone and get a Facebook/News update on what is happening in the big wide world.

On most days I love my little morning catch up, but this morning, all I could see, was a newsfeed full of respectful offerings of condolance for the people of Boston. Another horrible attack on human life in the USA.

I know horrible things happen to people all over the world, but these acts of blatant callousness against fellow man leave me so sad and I worry about the world our children are growing up in.

I love the USA, one of the best holiday’s ever, was my visit to the magical land of Disney, and surrounds. I would love to take my two teens there, so than can experience the fun and hype that is America, but my 17 year old, keeps telling me she does not want to go, it is not safe.

Today, lives and limbs have been lost, a famous race that athletes spend years training for, now has a tarnished reputation through no fault of it’s own. I send my prayers and best wishes to a city that is in pain today.


As I sit here in my safe and comfortable home, on a beautiful sunny day, when there is barely  breeze to move the trees, I am so grateful to live in a country that does not regularly wake to such tragedy, and I hope it stays that way.

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