A Gift That Keeps On Giving

Every morning, for about the last two weeks, when I open my bedroom curtains, I am greeted by the gorgeous sight of a beautiful orchid in bloom. This gift has been giving for about 15 years!


This beautiful orchid was a gift, and upon receiving it, my ex caught the bug, the off to the orchid show bug, off to the nursery bug, the Sunday morning market bug, anything┬áthat would add more of these gorgeous flowers to our collection and did result in a purpose built ‘house’ for these treasured things to spring up in the back yard.

BUT then we had to move, all the pots came with us and were sprinkled around the garden, but a new home for them was not constructed, and due mainly to too much sun, many of them died and went to plant heaven.

This totally neglected beauty survived and still does. It SHOULD be repotted, it SHOULD be fed special orchid food or at least some type of plant fertiliser, but it never does. It’s current home is in the front garden bed, gently shaded by an overhanging tree and low and behold come Easter time, the flowers appear without fail!

When I took this picture, I noticed another flower stem coming though, so this year I will get a double whammy bonus!

Unlike a bunch of flowers that quickly whilts and dies, don’t be afraid to buy yourself an orchid or give one to a friend. If they can find a nice semi-shaded spot to hide the plant for the rest of the year, they too may be blessed by beautiful flowers that last for 3 or 4 weeks.

That really is a gift that keeps on giving, asking nothing in return!

Have you ever successfully had orchids flower with total neglect on your behalf?