How Your Smartphone Photo’s Could Threaten Your Safety!

Do you share photo’s from around your home on the internet?

My name is Nikki and I am an iPhone addict!

My iphone goes everywhere with me and the built in camera has allowed me to capture so many wonderful images that would never have happened, as I NEVER remember to take my camera when we are going out and about.

I also take pic’s around my home and have been known to share them on Pinterest or Instagram or Facebook or the blog.

Today, I discovered something that made me sit up and think about the pictures I have been sharing, and am I at risk of revealing my actual location to would be internet ‘thieves’. It’s this ‘thing’ called Geotagging.


Love this image (credit)

When you take a photo with your smartphone and your GPS is turned on, your location co-ordinates are added to the file, providing your exact location. Scary hey!

You take a pic announcing you are on the way to the airport for a 3 month jaunt around the world, or are heading out for the night, and these damn techno wizz’s of crime could find out where you live. You come home to house that is minus some of the contents that were happily residing there before you left.

You can protect your location, but turning off your GPS if you are taking shots around your home and then turning it back on so you can ‘check-in’ on Facebook from some exotic location.

I have no idea how often this may or may not be happening, but why risk it, especially if your pic’s share goodies around your home that you would rather keep.

The joys of modern technology!

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