The Long Road To Legal (Driving That Is!)

The joys of parenting teens! It is sometimes just pure heart stopping material!

The process of getting a drivers licence, should be relatively simple. Get your learners permit, do 100 hours of logbook driving, send it off to be approved, go for your driving test, and whammmmmo! You have your licence.

BUT oh no, this has been a long and harrowing experience! Very grateful for a heart that still beats.


P-plates have kicked the L’s out the door!

Getting her Learners Permit was easy as, she got 100% on the written test, and then with my heart in my mouth and my hand clutching the hand grip on the door, she managed to get us home without hitting, squashing or scaring anything!

Over 100 hours of log-booking (which is such a tedious chore!!) complete, the book is sent off to be authorised and the text message arrives a couple of days later, all good! Booked in for a driving test, well we thought she was…..

Attempt No 1. – We turn up at Rosalie at the alloted booking time, to discover that Miss WW, had accidently cancelled her appointment, hitting the refresh button trying to get an earlier appointment. We sat there all afternoon in the hope that someone would no-show, but no go. One very disappointed pair head home for the night.

Attempt No 2. – We manage to score an appointment for the next afternoon. The test was going really well until on the way back to the depot, she misread a 4 lane intersection, everyone including the car were safe, but no passing the test, oops!

Attempt No. 3 – We manage to get a booking nice and close to home at Strathpine, and low and behold, one of the indicator globes decides to go and even after a dash up the road for a replacement, there is not enough time for her to sit the test. Home we go again.

Attempt No. 4 – 7 days later, we are off to Strathpine again, this time with an almost a perfect score, she is now the proud owner of P plates, and the freedom to drive where ever she wants.

My heart will still be in my mouth every time she puts the key in the iginition, but I have no choice, I have to let my precious teen hit the road without me. The worries never cease, no matter what age they are, you just want them to be happy and safe!

I now know how my parents felt, but they let me go, and I am still around!

Was getting your licence easy or hard?

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