Sinful Colours – Amazing And Affordable Nail Polish Now Available In Australia!

I love painted nails! Very rarely do my toes go naked, they are usually swathed in a very hot pink or vibrant red.

Over the last few months, my daughter and I have been watching lot’s of on-line beauty tutorials in preparation for her Year 12 School Formal. So often the products they use to create the looks are not available in Australia, so we compromise with the best alternative we can find.

One product that is often mentioned is Sinful Colours nail polish. Bargain priced, but amazing quality – yeah right!

I have this aversion to cheap nail polish as they usually go on so thinly that you need at least 3 coats to get good coverage and they chip off way too quickly!

Last week, got a BIG surprise, when I walked into Kmart and there was a BIG black stand, completely covered in a huge array of colours – non other than Sinful Colours at a tiny $4.00 each!


With a huge variety of colours, they are available in glitter, matte, cream and shimmer!

We bought a few colours and have been trying them out for a week. They go on nice and thick, two coats does the trick, and with a nice dash of topcoat, they still look great.

Super affordable nail courture, just love it!

What is your favourite nail colour?

(This is not a sponsored post, just sharing a really good bargain find)

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4 thoughts on “Sinful Colours – Amazing And Affordable Nail Polish Now Available In Australia!

  1. It is ridiculous how excited I got when I read this post – I am a hardcore nail polish addict, I don’t think I’ve had naked nails since 1983! I don’t have one favourite shade, but I am a fan of glitter (despite being impossible to remove) and I also love using more than one colour, right now I have red and black nails, and I also like having rainbow nails too.

  2. I just got a manicure done today and I am so bad with fresh nail polish. I always have to chip them. I love anything purple. from dark purple to light purple.

    Thanks for linking up to the Wednesday Review. 😉

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