Finding Time For A Mini Break!

Motherhood can be hard work, so much to do, so many people relying on you to get things done.

I can guarantee you that if I didn’t do the washing, no one would put a load on. If I didn’t grocery shop, we would not eat. If I didn’t mow the lawn we would be jungle dwellers, and let’s not delve into the necessary domestic science of toilet cleaning.

I work, I keep house, I cook, I write, I blog, I wash and iron, I garden.

There is never enough hours in the day for everything that needs doing, as well as there never seems to be time for self care, and I am sure that I am not the only one that feels this way.

A couple of weeks ago, I gave away a prize to one lucky reader to take part in Soul Comfort, an online course that is designed to help you find some ‘me time’. I was also gifted a place and I am so impressed with how this course is delivered, and when Brave Girls Club offer their next course, I will be joining in!

BUT, I have discovered a BIG issue that I have, and that is making time for me to do something fun, brings up feelings of guilt, and concern over things that are not being done whilst I indulge myself.

Please tell me I am not the only one that experiences this!!!!!!!!

I know how important self care is, I know we all deserve It, I know I have a guilt attack the minute I turn my back on chores and do something just for me, BUT it has to stop, I need a break!


SOOOO….in an effort to overcome this little problem, I am going to find just 15 minutes everyday to do something just for me, for the sheer enjoyment of it, and for re-training my thoughts about self-care, allowing and deserving.

I have come up with a little list of things I can do, and so can you. Don’t let your focus think about the washing or cooking or anything else that you ‘should’ be doing.

Paint my toenails

Read a chapter of a book

Make a cup of tea and don’t move until it is finished


Read a magazine

Exfoliate from top to toe

Apply a face mask

Have a bath

Phone my mum

Eat chocolate

Work on a little craft project

I will keep adding to this list. Just 15 minutes each day of me time, guilt free!

What suggestions can you add to the list?

Getting In Touch With Your Inner Creative For Peace And Calm

How often do you do something just for you?

Women are so good at giving of their time, energy and effort to assist others, but how often do we actually do something that is just for us?

I know I am guilty of this.

Being a single mum of two teens, I work, I am Chief Execuitve of Domestic Affairs, Managing Director of the Laundry Division, Head Chef and Senior Supervisor of Landscaping!

There is so little spare time and so little spare cash for me to indulge in my passions. Hidden away in cupboards is a huge collection of craft supplies that once were in use regularly. I might as well have shares in DMC with the amount of embroidery thread that sits in a beautiful custom made carrier that has not been opened for a long time.

Hands up if this sounds even just a little bit like you? 

We all need to nurture ourselves, we all need to do something just for us, we all need to find calm and quiet from the hectic pace we move at everyday.

I have found the perfect solution, and one of you wonderful women is going to win the opportunity to take part in a journey to your inner calm and creative!


SOUL COMFORT……Starts next week!

To the tired, the exhausted, the overstretched…here’s an invitation…

Life can be simple.

What if we celebrated the brave act of….taking a break?

What if simplicity, comfort, and quiet were the goal?

What if there really was a way to quiet the chatter in our minds and let us recharge our body & soul?

And what if it was fun, too?

Introducing a new eCourse . . .

Soul Comfort

Soul Comfort is a fresh new concept using art and journaling as a means to relax and comfort yourself and to get grounded while dealing with the craziness of every-day living.

This course if full of beautiful projects to fuel your creativity in very simple and easy ways that are meditational and relaxing , beautiful comforting things that will have your soul infused into them so that you want to keep them forever.

Melody (course creator and teacher) says, “I want to teach you some new habits of creativity mixed with simplicity that I have learned over the years. Being a recovering hoarder of supplies and techniques, this is really a new way to give yourself permission to do things simply but beautifully.

One of the most wonderful things about this course is that everything fits into one fabric tote bag . . . I wanted to create a whole course where all of the supplies fit into a tiny space so that you could take it everywhere you go…so that you could do it sitting on your bed, on your couch, with your family, do it with your children, in the car, wherever your day takes you. It’s incredible. This has changed my life. This has been something that I have used on my own and I can’t wait to share it with you.”

You can count on this class to be . . .

  • enlightening, enjoyable, fun, & simple
  • customizable with many choices to fit your exact style
  • interactive, encouraging, and supportive with a private community on Facebook and weekly live chats
  • a beautiful experience that will help you relax, simplify, and enjoy your life
  • a place to learn simple new ways to journal, plus the  ”Brave Girl” way to use stitching and such to create both beautiful things you’ll love AND peaceful relaxing moments
  • a place to learn exactly what nourishes YOUR body and soul, and how to fit comforting rituals into your day
  • something that you can finish without feeling overwhelmed
  • produced with the level of caring and  excellence and attention to detail that Brave Girls Club is known for.

We’ve worked to narrow down things to quench the yearning of your soul…to be able to be creative but also to be sensitive to the mess that it makes and the time that it takes as well as the brain space it takes for complicated tools and  techniques. We will teach you fun ways to make beautiful things while relaxing yourself . . .and we’ll be participating in the class right along with you.

  • This will be relaxing, fun, and simple
  • You’ll be able to take it along with you, everywhere you go
  • Instead of overwhelming you with one  more thing to stress out about, this eCourse will help you relax, enjoy, and feel comfort and peace no matter what else is going on in your life.

It is YOUR time for some Soul Comfort. Come join us!

        • Supply List – simple, inexpensive supplies
        • Register Here – tuition $99
        • Class begins September 24. Access the online classroom through January 2, 2014.
        • Divided into 4 segments, with a new one released every two weeks to give you lots of space to breathe.



You don’t need to be artistic to enjoy the benefits of creating something beautiful. This is your opportunity to let your inner creative escape. If you would love to win a spot on this e-course, or if you know someone that would, simply leave a comment and tell me why you want to take part, and one of you will be joining in next week for FREE!

The lucky winner will be drawn at 6pm on Saturday 21 September and will be notified by email.

Good Luck!

(Disclosure – I have been gifted this e-course, and I am really looking forward to making some time for me and would love to share the journey with the lucky winner if they so choose)

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Congratulations Kim, a crafting we shall go!


Just Breathe – The Science Behind The Saying.

‘Just Breathe’ – you hear it all the time, to help you relax, to unwind, to de-stress.

Easier said than done when you are all wound up!

Big deep breathes is not just for yogi’s and mediators, it is a simple tool that is valuable for everyone.


Picture credit

When you are stressed your breath becomes short and shallow. These type of breath’s trigger the release of adrenalin. Your body is then in ‘fight’ mode, your muscles constrict and your heart rate rises, getting ready to try and protect you from what ever threat is on it’s way.

Taking big, deep, slow breath’s turns off the release of adrenalin and allows your body to relax and let go, believing that it is no longer under attack.

Big deep breathes nourishs every cell with calm and relaxation.

Here are few handy tips to help you change your focus and relax your breath:-

* Place one drop of Lavender pure essential oil on the palm of your hand. Cup your hands over your nose and mouth as you start to take slow breath’s. Lavender is very calming, and will help relieve tension quickly.

* Try and change focus on what is annoying you. Close your eyes, take big, slow breath’s and recite either of the following,       ‘This too shall pass’ or ‘All is well’, both help to re-affirm that everything is ok and will help your body release the need to stand on guard.

* Gently cleanse your fist and in circular clockwise motions over the heart area, recite ‘I am safe’.

Deep breathing is vital for your health and well-being, staying tense contracts your energy, keeping you stuck in the negative.

Go and get breathing now! 🙂

Natural Solutions For Tired And Puffy Eyes

Do you suffer from puffy eyes?

Puffy eyes are not a good look, and whether they are caused by lack of sleep, excess alcohol consumption, going to bed with your makeup on or from allergies, there are some natural solutions that will have them looking better in no time.

The most important thing is to drink lot’s of water. Even though common sense says ‘why add more water when my body is retaining it’, the truth is when you are dehydrated, your body holds on to every drop of water that it can and will sometimes store it in places that are not convenient. Drinking lot’s of water helps to stabilise fluid levels and reduces the need for your body to store it.


Picture Credit

Try these tricks to find one that works best for you:-

* Cold cucmber slices straight from the fridge is cooling and refreshing.

* Green tea bags that have been used and then placed in the fridge contain tanins that have a wonderful anti-inflamatory effect.

* Soak two eye makeup removal pads with pure witchhazel that has been stored in the fridge.

* Put some chilled water in a small bowl, add two drops of chamomile pure essential oil. Soak two eye makeup removal pads in this solution and place over the eyes.

* Keep two teaspoons in the fridge. Place them curve side down across your eyes.

* Freeze green tea into ice cubes and gently massage the eye area with a cube.

Always make sure you keep your eyes closed when using any of these treatments, as they are intended to work on the skin surrounding your eyes, not your eyeballs!

Do you have any other handy hints to reduce puffy eyes that works for you?

How To Stop Jealousy From Stealing Your Good!

How often does the green-eyed monster rear it’s ugly head in your life?

Jealousy and envy are very powerful emotions. Everytime you allow these feelings to take control, you are giving away your power!

Everyday we are faced with visions of things we would love to be, do or have. Social media, television and magazines will provide lot’s of food to feed the monster within. Daily we are bombarded with images of other’s successes, good looks, gorgeous bodies, exotic holiday destinations or new toys. All sorts of things we would love, but probably don’t have, or we would have no need to feel jealous or envious.


Image credit

Every time we react with a jealous or envious feeling, we are putting up a big energetic wall that stops the things we desire from coming into our life. We are sending out a loud signal that we DONT have, and in a perfect response to that energy you continue to receive what you DONT want.

If you change how you respond to these triggers, you change what you receive. SIMPLE! In theory yes it is simple, but in practice is is not always so.

Here is a little ‘trick’ that you can try, next time the green eyed moster comes calling….

Respond to the trigger with “OH, YES THAT IS FOR ME – THANK YOU“.

With this response your energy is affirming that you do want that experience or thing in your life and you are saying thank you in advance for receiving it.

Try it and feel the difference!

To really send a powerful positive message, you could always add an affirmation.

I love my new car

I am so excited about our next holiday

I can’t believe how good I look now

Make up your own, just ensure that it is positive and is worded as though you already have it.

You are a powerful manifestor, go forth and receive your good.

Aroma-Therapy Thursday, A Natural Solution To Refreshing Beds And Killing Dust Mites!

How many ‘creatures’ do you share your bed with every night?

Probably MILLIONS!

Other than your partner and a possibly a child or two, every night your bed is growing a collection of little invaders that breed relentlessly.

Dust mite

Image credit

Dust mites can survive in ANY climate. Our beds provide the perfect home for these minute pests as the moisture we release each night under the covers is just enough to fuel their survival and shed lot’s of skin cells for them to feed on – gross! These tiny pests’s gut contains very potent enzymes that remain active in their excrement, and this can play havoc with asthma sufferers and are major inducers of allergic reactions of wheezing and coughing.

Fortunately there is a simple and natural way to kill of these little pests, leaving your bed fresh and mite free.


Bicarbonate of Soda to the rescue!


2 cups of Bicarb Soda, 8 drops of Lavender pure essential oil and 8 drops of Tea Tree pure essential oil.


Place the bicarb soda in a large container that you can seal. Add 2 drops of essential oil at a time. Place the lid on the container and give a really good shake between each addition.

Remove all sheets and matress protectors from your bed and wash them in a hot wash.

Using a large serving spoon and sieve, cover the entire matress with 3/4 of the mixture. Use the remaining 1/4 to cover your pillows. Allow the mixture to remain on your bed for at least one hour.

Using a vacuum cleaner, remove all the powder.

Your bed will smell devine and be free of dust mites. Repeat this treatment every two months.

I also have a spray bottle filled with water and 10 drops of each essential oil that I lightly squirt on my bed and allow to dry for 15 minutes each time I change the sheets.

Wishing you sweet dreams!

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I Am Rocking This Single Motherhood Gig!

After a very painful start, a ton of tears, sleepless nights and panic attacks, I am truly rocking this single motherhood gig!

I applaud all single parents as this can be the hardest thing, as parents, that we ever have to do.

When 23 years of marriage comes to a grinding halt, the feeling of terror is indescribable. It washes over you with every breath you take. As the days pass, it slowly releases it’s grip and you start to see your world in a whole new light, one that I am kind of liking.

The Universe sent me lot’s of messages, but I did not listen, I did not see, I did not notice, that my marriage was over, until one day it slapped one at me so hard that I could not ignore it. One of today’s vital necessities, the mobile phone, and text messages on my husbands phone that happened at odd hours. He was in the shower late at night, and I glanced at the phone and just about threw up! The next 24 hours were devestatingly hard, but by night fall the next day, I asked the questions that needed to be asked, I made no plee, I found strength that I did not know I had, and it was over.

2 1/2 years later, and I am the CEO of WWHQ, and totally rocking this!

Strawberry champagne

Cheers to me!

A house full of girls is fraught with a dose or 10 of bitchiness and hormonal fluctuations, but holding it all together is a bond of love and support. We are an awesome team, forging ahead and moving mountains.

I have my chauffeur’s cap, my chef’s cap, my maid’s cap, my banker’s cap and my nurturing cap, that all fit snuggly. I call the shots, I make all the decisions, I get to chose what we eat, I mow the lawns (never did that before, we had a deal, he didn’t clean toilets and I didn’t mow lawns), the rubbish bin does get put out every week, I decide what my teen girls can and cannot do, I hug them when they are in pain, I support them when they are stressed, I nurse them when they are unwell, and I would not have it any other way.

I am blessed with two girls that are going through their teens with a positive attitude, big dreams and strong work ethic. They have fortunately both avoided the dreaded teen sulleness that so often rears its head when the hormones kick in. They have great friends, do really well at school and make me so damn proud.

One of them wants nothing to do with her father if possible, and the other one loves him to bits, and goes and stays with him for the weekend quite regularly. We have things nicely sorted without the need for lawyers, mediators or the like.

I am still single and have no idea if or when that will change. Will leave that to the Universe to sort out. I enjoy having the whole bed to myself, I enjoy not having anyone tell me what to do, I enjoy being me and not the ‘pretend’ person I was. I am now the only one responsible for my future, and I intend to keep rocking it!

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It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like…..Physie Interclub Season!

It’s that time of the year again, Physie Interclub Season, has begun!

The scent of spray tan lingers in the air, cans of hairspray are stock piling, new leotards have arrived, hair pieces have arrived from the UK and the road tripping has begun.

Months of learning and practice now hit the floor for warm up competitions begin in preparation for Champion Girl at the end of the year.

Everton hit the road of the weekend, for a ‘little’ trip down to Tenterfield to join in an awsome interclub, hosted by our ‘sister’ club Granite Belt. Beautifully organised to perfection, it was great to see so much wonderful physie in a fun and friendly enviroment.

physie bags

Guess what our club colours are?

Yes the red and white bags are full of make-up, hair bits, tan, fishnets, leotards and more!

The winter woolies came out of retirement, as in Brisbane we really don’t need too much of that sort of thing. Heading south with overnight forecasts of 1 degree is a bit scary for the subtropical dwellers like us.

Physie weekends away are fun! Lot’s of wine, good food, physie, and time to relax and enjoy meals together. As my stomach is tied in knots when my girls go on the floor, after a long a day it is great to have the time to relax and chat to all the families that make up team Everton.

physie breakfast

Competition day starts with a good breakfast. French toast, banana, bacon, maple syrup and really good Merlo coffee hit the spot perfectly at the Willow Tree Cafe in the main street of Tenterfield. Others at the table had waffles, ham and cheese french toast or a big traditional hot breakfast. Not one of us was disappointed with their choices.

physie girls

The sun shone, and it was really quite mild if you were not in the wind, so we took the opportunity to to take some pics, before the girls hit the floor for competition.

Physical culture or physie as it is called is an amazing sport for girls to participate in. Building strength, flexibility, stamina it is great for health and deportment. Fantastic friendships have been formed. Some families have mum and daughter participate and this really is the most delightful sight. My girls only started 6 years ago, but some start as little tiny tots and never stop. With age brackets for all ladies, it is one of the wonderful things you can do at any age. Celebrating 120 years of dance sport, BJP Physical Culture is a fabulously healthy and inspiring thing to be part of.

Thank you Tenterfield for making everyone feel so welcome, nothing beats country hospitality. We are looking forward to our next visit in a few years time.

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Green Tea – More Than Just A Healthy Drink!

Give your health and beauty a boost, by getting your Green Tea on!

Green Tea is a popular drink with many health benefits as it is packed with powerful anti-oxidents and anti-inflamatory properites. Drinking green tea everyday can help with weight loss, blood sugar stability, relaxation, liver function and more.


Green Tea can also be a valuable tool in the beauty department. The following treatments are easy to make, are incredibly cost effective and powerfully effective.

AFTER SUN TREATMENT –  Green Tea is very helpful in taking the sting out of sunburnt skin. Place two green tea bags in a large bowl and add about 1 litre of boiling water. Allow to steep for 15 minutes. Place a handtowel into the bowl and all it too soak up the water. Gently wring out the excess and apply to the sunburnt area for 10 minutes.

SMELLY FEET – Green Tea is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, so a strong brew of green tea in a bucket makes an excellent treat for smelly feet. Two bags steeped in a bucket for 10 minutes, and then a 10 minute soak will leave feet odour free.

OILY/ACNE SKIN TONER – This toner is one of the best problem skin treatments I have ever made! In a small glass jar (I use a recycled jam jar) add 1 green tea bag and 3/4 fill the jar with boiling water. Allow to steep until cool. Remove the teabag and add 2 tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar, 5 drops of Lavender pure essential oil and then fill to the top with filtered water. Put the lid on and shake gently. You can transfer this mix to a spray bottle if you have one for quick application to the skin. Use this toner twice a day after cleansing. Make a fresh batch every 7 days.

BRIGHT EYES – Used green tea bags applied to the eyes for 15 minutes is great for reducing puffiness and dark circles.

Next time you are at the supermarket, add some Green Tea bags in to the trolley, great for your health and beauty.

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Childhood Vaccination – Facts, Figures and Feelings!

One of the quickest ways to kill a dinner conversation or totally heat one up, is too venture into the vaccination discussion, especially if you have people from both persuasions at the table. Much like sex and politics, it is better not to enter into the war that has both sides so passionate about why they chose to vaccination or not!

I have just finished reading about vaccinations, arguements for and against, and have had tears flowing from some of the cruel deaths children had to endure from not being vaccinated and also a very sad story of young boy who died and even though he had a genetic condition, his parents are convinced that the vaccination triggered Alexander’s Disease.


Picture Credit

Australia is a large island, protected from many world health issues, by vast amounts of water and a strict quarantine protocol, and many people will never be directly exposed to some of diseases that we vaccinate for. Should we choose to travel, the whole game changes, as so many of the popular holiday spots we love to visit do not enjoy the hygene levels we are used to and these diseases are still causing illness and death. I have been fully vaccinated with more than the normal protocol as we left Australia when I was 9 to live in Papua New Guinea. As a corporate travel consultant I spent years galivanting around the world to some places that were awesome and some that would make you shudder, but I never had to worry about contacting a long list of nasties. People who travel often re-introduce these diseases into our country and we have no way of screening every person who arrives on our shores.

Our vaccination rate is high, with an average of 91% of our children aged 5 and under have had the full vaccination schedule. There is a slowly increasing number of parents who are choosing not to vaccinate, and they are convinced that the potential risks outweigh the diseases they are designed to prevent. There is a number of sources available on-line who are anti-vaccination, and many parents could be convinced that the risks are too high. Many doctors are concerned that if this number keeps increasing, a possible vicious outbreak of a disease such as measles could occur.

Smallpox killed an estimated 300 million people in the 20th century and has now be eradicated, surely there must be value in the effectiveness of vaccination. UNICEF credits vaccines have saved over 20 million lives over the last 20 years, but 140,000 people still die from measles each year.

The whooping cough outbreak 2 years ago, saw 38,000 people infected. One in 200 babies that contract whooping cough and die because it often happens before they are old enough to have their first round of vaccinations.

All medicines have risks, and vaccines are no exception, and they can have side effects. Localised swelling and itching and possibly fever are the most common. 1 in 10,000 children will have febrile seiures after being given the MMR vacine, while 100 in 10,000 children will have them if they contract measles. One in 4 million children will experience anaphylaxis  after receiving the MMR vacine, very long odds in anyones language.

One of the most powerful threats to vaccination is the threat of autism and other learning problems, that was sparked by a study compiled by a doctor Andrew Wakefield. This study was withdrawn and his medical license revoked after it was proven that the study only included 12 children carefully selected by lawyers for financial gain. Hundreds of studies have since looked for a possible link, but none has yet been found. Regardless, the anti-vaccination use this as an arguement against vaccine, and as a parent, you have to raise the question in your mind, am I prepared to risk my perfectly healthy child becoming ill.

As a Natural Therapist, I am one of those parents that will go straight for pure essential oils, homeopathic drops, and herbal remedies to help my family deal with health related issues. I certainly did a lot of investigating before I took my now 17 year old for her first shots, but I did do it, and both of my girls have had the full schedule and very fortunately are no worse for it. For me the possible risks, where outweighed by the dangers of the diseases they are designed to protect us from.

A dose of panadol before each visit to the doctor, and a lovely lavender essential oil bath after their vaccinations, saw us sail through the shots with nothing more than a little grizzle.

As parents, all we want is happy and healthy children, and we have to make decisions that sometimes carry risks. Many years before having children, I was sitting in the doctors surgery to get a new prescription for the pill (just a little ironic), and I overheard a very distraught parent yelling at a GP “there must be something you can do, how in this modern day with all the fancy medicines available, can you just let a child die”, this little boy was sent away in an ambulance at great speed. I later learned that this little boy passed away from whooping cough. I think my choice was signed and sealed that day.

This post is my feelings towards vaccination, and I have no intention of bagging or bashing any parent who has chosen not to vaccinate. Good friends of ours have made that choice, and thankfully their children are fine, and I certainly hope it stays that way. There are so many things that can happen, I am simply happy that there are a few less options on the table for my gorgeous girls.

If you chose not to vaccinate, I would love to know the main reasons you made that choice?

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10 Easy Ways To Boost Your Willpower!

How strong is your willpower?

Just like muscles, willpower needs to be actioned daily to build strength and stamina!

We all have dreams, goals and desires, and we are great at making plans, setting goals, and then when we have one small slip up on the path to success, we usually throw the whole plan out of the window, before we really had a chance to succeed!

Exercising your mental muscle everyday, even if it just tiny steps at the start, helps to strengthen your abilities to stick with your plans and achieve success.


Image Credit

These 10 easy steps will help you build momentum forward:-

1. PICK ONE GOAL – Yes, yes, yes, we all want to be slim, gorgeous, wealthy, with a perfect partner, living in our dream home and spending 6 months of the year travelling the world……..but stop for just a minute…….and pick ONE goal to focus your time and energy on to start with. New Years Day often starts with a bang and you are going to change everything about your life, and by 5.oopm you have already given up because it is too hard. What is truly the most important single goal you would love to achieve. Start with one, you can always add more later.

2. FORGIVE – Forgiving all your past mistakes and failures, helps you to release all the negative emotions caught up in the memories of things gone wrong. Try the ancient Hawaiian practice of Ho’oponopono by simply chanting the following phrase –        “I am sorry, please forgive me, I love you, thank you”. This is a powerful tool for clearing hurt from the past.

3. BENEFITS – Make a list of all the benefits of achieving your goal. How will you feel, how will you look, where will you go, who will you be with, how does your life look, will others benefit from your success. Draw on the power of imagination to create a picture of success.

4. OBSTACLES – Identify what is stopping you and what is causing you to fail. Once you know the enemy it is easier to avoid it. If there are particular times of the day when you often fall off the goal band wagon, be aware and plan a distraction for that time.

5. BIGGEST BONUS – Find a single word that sums up perfectly what you are trying to achieve, and put this word on display everywhere. Put it on your bathroom mirror, on the fridge, in your wallet, on the sunvisor in your car, on your computer, anywhere you go regularly around the home, so that your sub-consious is constantly reminded why you are trying to change, everytime you walk past the ‘word’.

6. FOCUS ON THE BENEFITS – Think about all the good things you will feel and see when you achieve your goal, DO NOT focus on what you have to ‘give up’ or ‘go without’ to get there! If you can find a picture that is a great representation of where you are headed that you can look at whenever you feel like doing something that will slow down your progress.

7. GET CREATIVE – Find new ways to get motivated and stay on track. Change your scenery, read books that will inspire you, partner with a friend if you would benefit from accountability, search the net for information and ideas that will help you acheive your goal.

8. WRITE IT DOWN – Keep a journal of your progress, even if it is just single line notes. Jot down positive and negative actions that you have taken. Looking back over your notes can be really inspirational and can also highlight to you any ‘bad’ habits that are continually occuring.

9. AFFIRMATIONS – Create the perfect affirmation to match your goal. Always ensure that your affirmation is in the positive and as though you have already acheived your goal. Start your affirmations with words such as “I love my……… or “I am really enjoying……. or “I am successful”. Recite your affirmation regulary, and try and feel the positive emotions of acheiving success.

10. GIVE THANKS – Gratitute is a powerful attractor. The more you give thanks for the more that will come into your life to give thanks for. Use the notes you wrote down and feel thankful that you took those positive steps. Even give thanks for the little ‘trip ups’ that might have occured, as you realise they are keeping your from your goal.

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Are You Magnesium Deficient?

Magnesium is one of the essential minerals that we need for good health.

Modern farming methods have seen the natural levels of magnesium in our foods decrease, and being deficient is quite common.

Common symptoms of magnesium deficiency

Are you stressed?

Do you suffer from leg cramps at night?

Do your toes cramp when exercising?

Do your eyelids twitch?

Do you suffer from tension headaches?

Do you have painful periods?

Do you get agitated easily?

Do you have trouble sleeping?

Do you suffer from depression?

If you have a yes next to any of the above, you could be magnesium deficient.


Magnesium is vital for muscles, the heart and the kidneys. It helps to relax muscles, plays a part in energy production, and helps to regulate calcium levels.

Excess consumption of coffee, soft drink, a diet high in salt and alcohol consumption can reduce the levels of magnesium in the body.

Magnesium is available from natural food sources such as leafy green vegetables, brown rice, whole grains, oats, almonds, cashews, brazil nuts, pine nuts, pumpkin seeds, legumes, pistachio nuts, bananas, bran cereals and cocoa.

A magnesium supplement can be very beneficial. Start at 200mg per day and increase up to 400mg per day if symptoms are not subsiding. (If you suffer from heart or kidney disease, please check with a qualified medical practitioner before commencing magnesium supplementation)

Magnesium is natures ‘chill pill’ and really is beneficial to help us cope with stress and anxiety!

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